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Hand Made Scatter Cushions

Custom made scatter cushion made in Warwicks Outdoor fabric.


Custom-made scatter cushion made in Warwicks Outdoor fabric. Dimensions 50cm by 50cm 

Cushion inserts are made from 100% Duck feathers.


Colours, sizes & shapes are available on requests*

email us to


Regular Care
Where possible store away from
direct sunlight when not in use to prolong fabric life. Vacuum
regularly using low suction.
Rotate reversible cushions
regularly. Please note a dirty
surface promotes mildew growth, so please keep your fabrics clean.

If cleaning with a hot-water
extraction machine (hot). Do not
remove cushion covers for separate cleaning even though they have zippers. Professional cleaning recommended. Use only upholstery detergent. Do not wet filling. Allow to naturally dry before re-use.


May be shampoo cleaned using
upholstery shampoo only. Do not use dishwashing or laundry
detergents. Do not wet filling. Do not scrub with stiff brush. Allow to naturally dry before re-use.

Spot Cleaning
Treat spills and stains as soon as
possible. Gently scrape soil or mop liquid from the surface of the fabric. Do not scrub. Apply proprietary cleaning agents strictly according to
instructions to remove the residue of the spill. Do not saturate the fabric or interior with water or other cleaning liquids. May be spot cleaned with dry cleaning solvent.

Washing Instructions
If your covers are too bulky for your machine we recommend
professional washing by your local laundry. Use a gentle cycle and do not wash the fabric at a
temperature exceeding 40 degrees.
Use a washing agent that does not contain optical brighteners and which is suitable for colour
retention such as Earth Choice (3 X Ultra concentrate liquid), or Eco Store Laundry Powder or OmoColour.


Warwicks SUNDEC.

SUNDEC, the perfect fabric for all outdoor applications.

Whether in the garden, by the pool, on a boat, entertainment deck or an outdoor cafe,
SUNDEC is designed to create a beautifully coordinating environment that can be
effortlessly maintained no matter the conditions.

SUNDEC is a lightfast, durable and easy to
clean partner for all year round indoor and outdoor decorative applications.

Developed to withstand commercial sunlight
exposure requirements, mould and mildew
growth, chlorine damage and general wear and tear.

If that’s not enough, Warwick’s SUNDEC includes water repellency and microbial
hygiene protection making stylish outdoor living

Cushion inserts are made from 100% Duck feathers.

Care Instructions

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