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Leather Car Interior



  • Re-trim Headlining

  • Custom Ute Canopies

  • Tonneau

  • Upholstery/Full Re-trim

  • Custom Covers

  • Dash Pads

  • Door Trims

  • Upholstery Repairs

  • Carpet Repairs

  • Custom Seat Covers

  • Re-pad/Re-foam Seats

  • Restitch and repairs

  • Vinyl and fabric repairs 


We replace headliners for all vehicles, including cars with sunroofs, collector cars, tractors, and more. We care about our headliner maintaining their quality and longevity so we provide a thorough replacement service. 

First we will strip the headliner off after removing the car ceiling from the vehicle. From there we proceed to sand off all the old glue, this is the part that is necessary as without removing the old glue a new headliner will never last as long. After being striped and sanded we apply new glue and attach your new headliner in the colour desired then replacing back in the car. 



We proud ourselves in being able to make beautifully custom fit tonneaus for any ute you would like to bring in. We can attach these in a range of ways depending on how you use your tray.  

Kedar track is designed for a very tight flat and clean finish, this allows no room for stretch.

Bungees will give you a little stretch with some roof to pay around with but not much.

Stretchy rope looping through is great if you are loading up your tray with lots of cargo and need the cover to expand or get smaller depending of the size. 

Do you have a want covered but you just cannot seem to find any nice cover? 

We're here to solve that for you. We make custom covers patterned and manufactured just for your car so it fits all the angles and curves of its body. With a waterproof material on the outside and a soft fabric on the inside to protect your car. this cover will be exactly what you've been wanting. We have a range of colours for you to choose from when you come in to discuss it. 

We can make it secure down in the exact way you want to make your experience as easy and simple as possible.

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